Resurge is probably the best supplement of the decade, especially for people who have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. This game-changing program can literally transform your life and dramatically improve your strength and stamina while helping you get rid of all that extra weight that you put on over the years. Inside this Resurge review, we will take a closer look at how this program works to help you lose weight and keep it off.

However, before diving into Resurge, it is important to understand the true importance of sleep for your life. Getting enough high-quality, deep sleep is crucial for a number of essential body features. Sleep is responsible for restoring your body’s balance, improving your mood, improving your brain functions and also regulating your metabolism.

Scientists proved that a lack of high-quality sleep leads to fat accumulation in key areas like feet, abdomen, and hands. In other words, if you don’t sleep enough, but replace your precious sleep hours with coffee, energizers, and coke, you are putting on weight by the hour. While most of us are aware of the huge importance of sleep for our daily life, few know that sleep can actually normalize your fat levels and enable you to stay fit.

We can even go as far as saying that sleep is more important than having a perfect diet and exercising on a regular basis for losing weight. In other words, you can exercise daily, eat only proper food, but you won’t manage to lose weight until you get enough deep sleep. Research proved that deep sleep boosts your body’s metabolism and enables it to burn fat cells.

On the other hand, lack of sufficient sleep can come with a wide range of complications for your health, including weight gain. The cortisol hormone is responsible for this. This hormone promotes fluid retention in the body and inhibits fat burning. The daily activities and heightened level of stress have been associated with an increase in cortisol levels.

During deep sleep, the level of cortisol decreases to a minimum. However, if you can’t get enough deep sleep, cortisol remains at a high level, so you wake up the next day with the fat cells intact. This goes on and on, and you find yourself unable to lose weight, all because you don’t get enough sleep.

The Resurge supplement comes in to help your body regulate its processes, so you can reap the benefits of deep sleep . This supplement contains all-natural, active ingredients that help you stay in shape and enable your body to normalize cortisol levels. Let’s see what actually Resurge is and how it can help you lose weight naturally.

What is the Resurge Supplement?

Resurge Pills is an all-natural product developed by the famous John Barban. John Barban is the creator of the Venus Factor, a highly effective program that has enabled countless women to lose weight and stay in shape. Resurge is another revolutionary product, but it is designed for both men and women, unlike the Venus Factor that is designed primarily for women.

The Resurge weight loss program is specially designed to help you lose fat while sleeping, enhance the weight loss process, slow down the symptoms related to aging, skyrocket the sleep hormones, and ultimately remove all that stubborn fat from your thighs, belly, waist, and butt.

This is the world’s first anti-aging protocol that focuses on targeting the root cause of weight gain, which is a lack of deep sleep and imbalance of hormones in the body. This potent supplement contains 8 unique ingredients that work together to enhance your natural metabolism and make your body lose weight while you sleep.

With this program, you’ll learn how to restore energy into your body, sleep better at night and wake up fully energized, ready to tackle a new day head-on. The Resurge pill allows you to lose weight without changing your diet or going to the gym on a regular basis.

This product is a mixture of top natural ingredients that activate your body’s growth hormone. After just a few days, these wonder ingredients will manage to transform your body into a powerful fat-burning furnace that works round the block to transform fat cells into regular cells.

You can be sure that this program is effective because it is created by John Barban, a world-renowned metabolism and weight loss expert who has had huge success with the Venus Factor. His certifications in biology, physiology, and nutrition, combined with his 3+ decades of experience in this industry, make him a voice you want to listen to.

How does This Program Work?

Basically, this product contains 8 unique ingredients that work together to renew and re-energize your body cells. This entire process during sleep, when your body relaxes and when the fat-burning hormone starts to kick in.

These 8 potent ingredients part of the Resurge pills improve your sleep, allow you to get more deep sleep, relax your body,, optimize your cognitive functions, and ultimately enhance the natural metabolic regeneration process of the human body.

Should you buy Resurge Pills?

Just like with any other supplement out there, it is crucial to take into account your health conditions before thinking of buying the Resurge pills. If you are pregnant, you are under 18 years of age, you have certain medical conditions or you are afraid for your health, it is probably safer to consult with your doctor before taking this supplement.

Nevertheless, know that this supplement is entirely made in the USA, it contains 100% natural ingredients . It is also manufactured in a GMP factory that focuses on strict, sterile and precise standards. This product is 100% natural, non-GMO and also vegan-friendly.


What Ingredients are in Resurge?

The entire success of this product lies in its highly potent ingredients that work together to improve your sleep, help you lose weight and enhance your mental functions. Let’s take a deeper look at each one of these ingredients:

1. 10 mg of Melatonin: this naturally-occurring hormone is known for its sleep-inducing benefits and its capacity to improve your deep sleep cycle. You can gain the sleep you’ve always dreamed of thanks to this natural ingredient.

2. 5 mg of Zinc: this natural compound acts as an appetite suppressant, decreasing the ghrelin hormone levels and preventing you from experiencing hunger pangs at night. Zinc also promotes good sleep and keeps your mind sharp.

3. 50 mg of Magnesium: Magnesium allows you to get faster asleep and enables you to wake up fully energized, so you won’t have to hit that snooze button 10 times and lose over 40 minutes stuck in bed. This compound creates more energy inside your body so you’ll be able to wake up fully rested after just 7 hours of exceptional sleep.

4. 100 mg of Hydroxytryptophan: this potent acid works together to enhance the benefits of melatonin for your body. You’ll be able to gain more deep sleep and wake up fully energized.

5. 150 mg of Ashwagandha: this is a potent Indian herb that is extremely effective at treating stress, oxidation, inflammation, and insomnia. Studies also show that Ashwagandha can actually treat rheumatism and reduce high cholesterol levels. Also known as Indian ginseng, this herb can stimulate the thyroid gland, improve the immune system, promote eyesight and also enhance blood production. Additionally, it fights off bacteria, relieves anxiety and promotes natural muscle growth.

6. 1200 mg of L-arginine: this ingredient is well-known for its capability to increase HGH levels during sleep. Bodybuilders who consume arginine on a regular basis have more lean mass and less fat in their bodies. Additionally, arginine can easily burn through the body fat during the night.

7. 1200 mg of L-lysine: Lysine works similarly to L-arginine, boosting HGH levels during sleep and enabling you to lose weight while sleeping.

8. 200 mg of L-theanine: this substance, which is also used quite a lot by bodybuilders from all over the globe, increases heart resting rate, makes your sleep deeper & better, and also promotes relaxation.

Basically, all of these 8 ingredients work together to revitalize your energy levels, make you sleep better during the night, enable you to fall to sleep easier, enhance the HGH (human growth hormone) levels during your sleep, and also stimulate brain functions.


– Resurge is made in safe laboratories and follows all FDA practices.

– Includes only 100% natural ingredients to keep you safe and protect you from experiencing any side effects whatsoever.

– Offers you a wide range of health and mental benefits, and above all else, it helps you lose weight fast and keep it off.

– Comes with a full 60 days money-back guarantee.


– This program is not recommended for pregnant women or people with certain health conditions.

– You can only purchase this product online.


Resurge is yet another astounding weight-loss program by John Barban. Even if it’s just been launched, this program might soon become even more famous than the world-renowned Venus Factor. This supplement contains only high-grade, natural ingredients, that work together to help your body lose weight while sleeping.